354-0048 engine harness assy

Caterplillar 354-0048

354-0048 3540048

engine harness assy


Description of Change: The new engine wire harness and mounting hardware is used to help prevent rubbing or interference with other components on the engine.

Adaptable To: This change is adaptable back to first production on the machines listed above.

The change is effective at the factory with serial numbers TXF04807-UP.

The new 385-2664 Engine Harness As. is a direct replacement for the existing 354-0048 Engine Harness As. Refer to the illustrations below for the list of parts needed to install the new harness on each machine application.

Note: Only change to the new 385-2664 Engine Harness As if the present 354-0048 Engine Harness As fails.

Note: Align the cable straps for the ladder clips with the center of the green and blue tape on the harness.

Note: Ensure that all ladder clips, brackets, spacers, fir trees, and cable straps are assembled at the correct location and in the orientation shown in each illustration.