333-8675 cylinder seal kits

333-8675 cylinder seal kits



weight 0.5 kg

Description of Change: 

New seal kits are now used for the stick cylinder, boom cylinder, and the bucket cylinders. The new seals withstand a higher temperature and have a better ability to handle moisture content in the hydraulic oil.

Adaptable To: 

Table 1 lists the new parts that replace the former parts.

Table 1
Replacement Parts
New Part NumberPart NameFormer Part Number
319-8295Seal Kit231-6844
331-9328Seal Kit225-4646
333-8675Seal Kit234-4442
333-8750Seal Kit225-4625
376-4331Seal Kit191-5619
324-9484Buffer Seal191-5645
333-8687Buffer Seal128-9266
333-8672Buffer Seal170-9850
324-6438Buffer Seal128-9265
324-6439U-Cup Seal170-9864
333-8673U-Cup Seal216-0008
333-8688U-Cup Seal170-9865
324-9486U-Cup Seal191-5646